Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--to get to visit with my sweet Brooke!  She is a special friend to me (we were teacher neighbors and crafting pals) who moved far, far away a while back.  Well she came into visit this week and I was lucky enough to get a lunch date :)  It also gave us both the chance to visit and catch up with our other teaching buddies.  I just miss her so!

--that my sister amazingly found a stuffed Fievel during a consignment sale just like the one Hunter had growing up!  It's been so special to see the light in his eyes remembering his childhood friend (and singing that sweet little song!); but a new little light is added seeing his little girl play with and love on his childhood friend.  He's a little (or actually pretty big!) stuffed animal our little family will treasure.

--that even after all of the disasters of Easter last year (lost dresses, burnt lunch...), my family loves and trusts me enough to host it again this year :)  I have a lot of fun things ready for the kids, and it'll be a grand family day all the way around.

--to be so involved with such a fantastic youth group.  We're headed off to LTC this weekend for them to showcase their leadership skills and talents in multiple categories.

--that Hunter finally gets to go back to Easter with his family at the camp.  Because of LTC being on Easter every year, we've missed his family at the camp since we've moved.  He's missed it so badly, and this year, he decided he's going to go.  I'm thankful for his time with his family, for he and Bella to have some time together, and for Bella and I to have some time apart :)  (Don't take that wrong at all...I adore my sweet daughter.  But being a stay at home mom, and really just a mom at all, I don't get much time to not be on duty.  It's going to be nice to have a couple of days "off".)

--that I learned how to make royal icing and pretty cookies!  I had a good time making them for Easter this year--even though my kitchen is a complete mess from it...

--for a husband who tries.  Back to LTC--that requires a lot of hours and planning and practices.  So Sunday, I had to go up to the building early to work with our kids on their events.  Hunter stayed home with Bella who was still napping.  When he walked in for services, this is who came with him...

First of all, check out those bows!  Second favorite:  stockings AND socks.  Third:  last thing I told him before I left was that it was supposed to be chilly out so to put her in long sleeves or a jacket; he opted for sleeveless.

Now, although I may be poking fun at my boy's fashionista skills for our wee one (and he will probably kill me when he finds out I did so on here), I will have you know that I didn't touch a thing!  A lot of moms would rush to change her and "fix" her outfit--and had we been somewhere else, I may have been more tempted to do so.  However, I did not.  My sweet baby was bathed, dressed, and to church on time.  And daddy did it all!  I just don't want to forget this silly, special memory :)
(and he didn't just throw something on her, he really tried!  He was so proud of getting pink touches on everything down to the socks and shoes--even though none of the pinks matched, haha!  Love it.)

--for my sweet, loving Jesus.  The perfect sacrifice who not only died a horrific death to pay the price for my horrific ways, but also rose again to offer me life everlasting with Him in Glory!  Thankful doesn't cut it, but it's what I have to offer, so I do.

be grateful, give thanks.

love, angie

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