Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some favorites for Christmas time

As I mentioned in my "Thankful Thursday" post, I am grateful for Christmas music and it's reminder to focus.  So here's a post with a few of my faves for this time of year:

  • Probably my favorite Christmas album is Casting Crowns' (surprise, surprise).  They're voices are beautiful, and again, their song lyrics carry such meaning.

  • The Kenny G Christmas albums are in-cred-uh-ble.  I love them.  One of my favorites on his album, "Wishes" (and the bonus track on "Faith"...slightly different) is his rendition of Auld Lang Syne.  The dubbing over of the historical moments gets me teary every time I hear it.  (there is also a millennium mix with more current events dubbed over.  powerful.)  But both of his Christmas CDs are fabulous.

  • This may be a shocker, but I love the entire N'SYNC Christmas album.  Guilty pleasure...  Reminds me of my youth...  Should be embarrassed, but I'm not...

  • I love these next two songs because of their points of view--one from Mary and one from Joseph.  To understand the weight of this honor on them, carrying and raising the Messiah, and yet, just being able to be his parents.  

  • Something about Judy Garland's voice makes my insides stir, and she sings this song like no other.  This version and this song bring the Christmas spirit to my inner core without fail.

  • Who can get through Christmas without this one?  We've had the pleasure of seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas performance twice and would go back without question.  They're talent is incredible.

  • And then the classics, sung by the classics...irreplaceable.

  • And a few newer ones...

  • And of course you can't have Christmas without this dose of fun and love!

Get caught up in the beauty of the season.  Be full of faith, full of servanthood, and full of love.


merry moments, angie

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