Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Arabella Update

Here are some tid bits about our bug lately:

Disclaimer:  you may not care about these, but I'm writing them more for a memory for myself anyway :P

  • She walks all the time and everywhere.  This started about the first week or two in December.  Before then she had been walking and crawling about 50/50.
  • She waves hi and bye, as well as blowing kisses (talk about melt my heart!).
  • She's almost weaned off of the bottle--still gets one at night to go to bed.  We've been going out of town and staying all over the place too much for me to worry about trying to take that one away too.  That's our goal for next week.
  • Her vocabulary is growing:  daddy, mama, GIGI (what my nieces and nephew--and now my daughter--call me), KK (her youngest cousin's nickname), bye, hey, thank you, mmm, dog, eat, and uh-oh.
  • She also says thank you and uh-oh only at the appropriate times, which makes it even that much more adorable.  We have also reached the point of dropping things on purpose for the sake of saying uh-oh (this happens most often on her changing table...).
  • She not only blows kisses, but she'll lean in and give you one if you ask for it.  She opens her mouth wide and leans in to yours--sweetest thing ever.  She has also become quite snuggly and loves to give hugs.
  • She has 8 teeth in fully (four top, four bottom, all in front) and is working on her first four molars (the ones behind the eye teeth/canines).
  • She loves to build things and tear them apart, fill something up and empty it out.
  • She knows what a dog and a monkey "says".  (Christmas morning as she was opening a gift, I told her "Open that puppy up!"  Immediately she replied "woof!"  Made me smile).
  • She still sleeps 11-14 hours every night--and I still LOVE that :)  (as well as a 2-3 hour nap everyday).
  • She's very friendly and will go see just about anyone.
  • It's time to move up to a size 5 diaper.
  • When she sees something neat or pretty, she says "Ooooohhh" with a raised inflection in the middle to show she's impressed.
  • She "talks" on the phone, holding any small flat toy up to her ear saying "hey!"
  • She loves stuffed animals--squeezes them tight and snuggles them close.
  • She is quite the little Linus...very attached to her blanket.  She's even gotten to the point of going into her room, pushing her bumper down, and pulling her blanket out of her bed.
  • She's tall enough to reach things off of the table...oh boy.
  • Her favorite snack is Teddy Grahams.
  • She can be quite feisty and independent (the number of spankings are increasing...).
  • She loves to be chased.
  • The girl opens presents like a champ.  Gift bags, wrapped boxes--she'll take either one.  Loves it!
  • She is still the most beautiful and perfect little thing I have ever laid my eyes on.

Remember everything.  
They grow up too fast.

love, angie

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