Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Card display

One thing I love about this house are the archways in my living room.  For a small, builder-grade house, that feature adds a little character that I love.  

And they're perfect for Christmas!  I absolutely love Christmas cards--it's a great way to keep up with those friends and family members you don't get to see often.  Plus, who doesn't love getting a little something in their mailbox that isn't a bill or junk?  Sometimes the old-fashioned things warm the heart the most.  

So since I love these little morsels of love so much, I had to find the proper way to display them.  Here's where those arches come in...  I got a red and green tinsel garland that is the perfect length to drape around the arch leading from the living room into the kitchen/dining.  With some simple ornament hooks and clothespins, it was transformed into a fantastic display for my cards :)

*Sidenote: ignore my messy table and desk area.  They have become my catchall for the craziness.

You can also get a glimpse of the ornaments on my dining room light fixture (thank you, Pinterest!). This is the first year I've done that, but I love the extra flair it gives to the space without having something on the table.

Keep 'em comin' peeps--I'm ready to fill that garland up with your beautiful faces again!

Merry Christmas!

love, angie

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