Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hooty Halloween!

Halloween in our neighborhood is something we look forward to every year.  We live in a big loop, so we get tons of guests on top of the people who live here.  Plus, all of our neighbors are outside and we cook and visit together--great times.  

This year, Hunter's dad, stepmom, and grandparents were able to come join in on the fun which made it even more enjoyable.

And since this was Bella's first Halloween to enjoy (6 days old last year...snuggled up on my chest under a blanket; she didn't really get into the spirit...), we all had even more fun.

Just reminiscing about my little bug last year on Halloween...
She did fabulous.  Stayed in the wagon without a fight; left her costume on the entire night without a fight (even the hat!); figured out that sweets are really tasty; got to check out all of the crazies and their costumes; and she was the star of our corner, hands down.  

I just love my little hoot owl!

Why have y'all been holding out on me?  These sucker things are goo-ood.

I think her eaten sucker tally for the night was 4.  She got her mama's sweet tooth :)

Paw Paw toted her everywhere she needed to go in her wagon, and she loved it.


Daddio manning the grill.  We always fix hamburgers for dinner and eat outside as the festivities start.  We are the adult trick or treat stop as well--we cook sausage and hand it out to the parents every year.  It's a big hit!

She loved digging in that bucket--and she already knows how to pick out the good stuff.  

Snugglin' up with Grandmaw and Paw Paw Newby

Happy Halloween!

(my door sign has already been traded out for my Turkey!  
Thanksgiving and Christmas, here we come!)

love, angie

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