Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Arabella,

My sweet, precious gift--you are ONE year old today!  It's hard to believe that much time has already gone by since you entered our world with a bang.

You were 8 lbs and 11.5 ounces of pure perfection.  You still sleep sprawled out, which is the first position you took as soon as they laid you down after you were born.  You like your space.

It seems like only yesterday you were snuggled up, asleep on our shoulders and keeping mama up all through the night (thank the Lord above that I was finally able to watch Friends during those midnight encounters or else we might not have as good of a relationship...those first couple of months we rough, unimaginable, exhausting, and now cherished.)

Now you're trying to toddle about and strongly asserting your independence.

Things you are loving right now:

--MUSIC!  This isn't anything new, but the way you can wiggle and jiggle as you dance is priceless.  Any form of music catches your attention quickly.

--When daddy comes home from work.

--Baby dolls--you love to love on them.

--Opening and closing doors.

--Playing with the remotes! (even though you're not supposed to...)

--Sleeping.  Praise the Lord Jesus...  You definitely got mama's love of sleep.  Once we figured out your formula issues, you have slept so well--12 hours a night with big, long naps during the day.

--Digging through purses and bags, taking everything out.  Especially if you can get your hands on a container of wipes.  You can have one of those emptied in no time.

--Books.  You are starting to point out and recognize things on the pages.  You like interactive books the best, but you'll "read" anything...I love it.

--People!  From your church buddies to the strangers who oodle over you in the grocery store--you ham it up big time for them.  You're so friendly and will go to, play with, and smile at just about anybody.  I hope this is a trait you keep--you get it from your daddy.

--Your blanket and your bed.  You will finally snuggle up again and we are loving it.  There for a few months you couldn't stand to be held when you were tired (and you still don't fall asleep when you're held).  You want your binkie, your blanket, and your bed--and then you put yourself to sleep without a hitch.  We are so proud of you for that.  But those rare little moments that you'll lay on us for a little while are priceless and we crave them.

--Tech (and any other dog really).  Actually every dog you see is Tech, no matter size/breed/color/or even alive or in a book.  When you go outside with me to let him out, you jump and flap and just get so excited.  You also like to talk to him through the window.  Daddy loves that you love Tech so much.

--Being chased.  If you think someone is after you, you take off giggling and's hilarious!

Things I want to remember:

--That cheesy little grin when it seems like your mouth cannot stretch any further in a smile.

--Your laugh.  It is my favorite sound in the world and it takes my mind off of anything wrong in my world.

--How you entertain yourself.  I love watching you explore your surroundings and figure out how things work.  You keep yourself occupied with your curiosity.

--Our sweet moments in the rocking chair when you wake up in the middle of the night.  Usually all it takes is snuggling up on my lap and getting a kiss and a song, and you drift back off into dreamland.

--Every. Little. Thing

You have made our lives so much better, more complete.  Our lives haven't "stopped" because of you, but instead have become so much fuller.  You're just such a cool kid.  We love watching you grow and change and learn.  It's so much fun to see the pieces of ourselves come back to life in you (most of the time...until our temper or stubbornness or independence pops up all too often...).  You have a shimmery personality and you light up any room that you're in.  You have taught me so much about myself.  I will fight for you, protect you, teach you, and love you as long as I live.  Daddy and I wrote our promises to you when you were born, and we plan to keep them.  You will always be our baby; our first born; our beautiful, blessed gift.  

From here...

three months
six months
nine months
to a year...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I love you more than you will ever know.


love, mama

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