Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Promises to You

We went with a large group of people from our church congregation to see Courageous when it came out in the theaters.  I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and it meant even more to us because of that.  The movie is absolutely fabulous and I heavily encourage everyone--especially parents--to watch it.

The message of the movie is becoming more dedicated to your family, specifically as a father.  The dads in the movie make a resolution to their families, promising them certain traits and standards they will try to maintain and wish to be held accountable to.  This gave an inspiration for myself and my husband for our little bug growing inside me.

We decided to write out promises for our daughter as her parents--individually; mine as her mother, and his as her father.

The original goal was to have these written out and in her baby book before she was born.  But since I got put on modified bed rest the day after that and delivered her three weeks later (and Hunter broke his toe at Sears in between), it just didn't happen.

But I am happy to say that they are now written out. Mine were written 5 months ago.  Hunter's just got written last week--and that was after constant nagging!  So here she sits, 8 1/2 months old, with promises finally proclaimed.  To me, they seem to hold so much more weight written out than floating around in our heads.  Especially written in our own handwriting, not typed.   We have declared promises as her parents, and we will hold each other accountable to maintaining them--and as she gets older, she will also be able to do so.

I hope these promises are as precious of reminders to our sweet girl as they are to us.  She is what we live for.  And we must never take for granted what we've been given.

love, angie

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