Monday, July 23, 2012

The Knight of Darkness...

Patrick Mead (an incredibly gifted, intelligent, and humble speaker and believer) reposted this blog in reference to the massacre in Aurora this past week.  This is the outlook that should be taken most.  Please read.

"Pray for your own heart as well and spend some time today thinking about the hypocritical rooms in it.  Chances are, the Dark Knight is alive and well in there.  He just hasn’t risen yet.  And by the grace of God, he won’t."

I cannot imagine being in that theater. I cannot imagine being the family of one of the victims. Keep them constantly in your prayers and lift them to the Ultimate and Only Provider of Peace.

But also, lift Mr. Holmes. The Knight of Darkness rose within him and he needs prayers and help to be freed from that burden. I in NO way condone his actions and behavior. But he is a man who was overtaken by evil. We all hold that possibility.

Place the blame in the rightful hands of the Evil One.

love, angie

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