Monday, July 2, 2012

Here, there, and everywhere

Last week was a busy one for us. But it was a lot of fun too!

--Hunter was a counselor at Camp Red Oak Springs. His family has always gone to camp there and he grew up in those woods every summer, so this was a special chance for his to return to his childhood roots. We were able to visit him a few nights which was fun--but a few hours of bugs and heat here and there was enough for me and AJ! He had a blast and I am so thankful for the influence he was able to have on those kids. During those nights we visited, I was also able to see incredible confidence and growth in the kids of our youth group. They make my heart swell.
--Since Hunter was at camp, AJ and I hit the road to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Kyle's. No sense in us staying home alone for a week! It was great to spend a few days with them and Hudson, especially since Rachel didn't have to go to work this time. Those late nights, long talks, and true laughs were something I needed so badly. Gah, I miss them!
--Mel and Aaron were able to come visit and swim. The kids were still at Michelle's so they got some adult time and some uninterrupted Bella time.
--Michelle came in this weekend. We were able to spend some good quality time as a core family of five--much needed and long overdue.
--Boulevard Church of Christ, the congregation we were raised in, celebrated its 75th anniversary with a Homecoming reunion. It was like we had stepped through a time capsule. I loved being there all together and catching up with old friends. It was a really neat experience.
--We ended the week with Bella sleeping for 14 hours last night. I'd say it ended well :)

My beautiful best friend and our babies.

AJ got to go on her first 4-wheeler ride with Dad at CROS.

And she got to chow down on some watermelon!  She loved it

Two sweet, beautiful girls at the Boulevard reunion.  This is how a lot of the people we saw that day remember me and Mel!

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