Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 18

Plans/Dreams/Goals you have

My number one dream has always been to be a wife and mom.  Hopefully, with the Lord's blessing, this little tot will just be the beginning for us.  Those two jobs are the most important of my earthly ones and I am so thankful to be given that opportunity, responsibility, and gift. 

As far as a job...I really want to open my own tutoring company--hopefully in the next few years.  I love teaching, but the educational system in place in this country is one with which I am no longer impressed.  There are few greater feelings than helping a struggling child understand a concept and renew his faith in himself.  Tutoring provides that with so many fewer restrictions than a public classroom.  Plus the one on one teaching/learning experience is extremely effective when it can be done.  I was able to work for a fabulous tutoring company through college, and it opened my eyes and heart to the profession.

I love to travel.  I hope that Hunter and I (and sometimes the kids!) are able to travel all over this world that God so beautifully created.  There is no better artist.  We would love to visit Australia, Italy, Greece, Alaska (again and again and again!), and maybe somewhere in Africa.  We also hope to get another travel trailer one day and take many family vacations across our country that way.  Both of us grew up vacationing in the camper and we hope to be able to provide those memories for our children.

When I resigned from teaching, the thought crossed my mind of publishing a book--a teacher's manual.  I created most of my own worksheets and activities for my class, and I've thought of compiling them all into a book.  Right now it's just a thought, but one day, it may come to life.

Those are the biggies...what about you?

love, angie

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