Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 14

A picture of you and your family

Since I've already posted about my side of the family, today we'll focus on Hunter's.

I truly have been blessed with a great set of family-in-law :)  They're a little more wild and crazy than what I'm used to, but I love them for it--and it's definitely never dull!

The family:
Frank--the dad
Ellie--the mom
Shawnette--the stepmom
Hunter--the oldest
Blaine--the middle
BA--the baby
Clint--the older step-bro (and Blaine's twin by marriage!)
Clayton--the baby step-bro
Lindsey--Blaine's wife
Kaitlyn--Clayton's wife
and of course ME!

So there's the core slew of us!  Brace yourself--there's a lot of pictures!

Hunter and his parents, Frank and Ellie, at our wedding in 2007.

The whole gang--it is very, very rare for all five boys to be in town with their wives!  This was at the birthday celebration (Frank, Blaine, and Clinton--they all have the same birthday!)/engagement party (Blaine and Lindsey) in March 2011.

Ellie's side of the family for Christmas 2010.  The five kiddos, Ellie, her mom, Nona, and stepdad, Ronnie.

The five of us--what a fabulous combination.  This is just nifty--between BA and Blaine's birthdays every year, our ages are consecutive.  This year, we were able to pull it off on our fingers--25, 24, 23, 22, 21!

I just love these boys.  I never had brothers growing up, but I certainly gained two great ones!  We were only in 7th (BA),  9th (Blaine), and 10th (Me) grades when Hunter and I started dating, so we've gotten to grow up together.  This was in January 2006.  

This is Frank's family at his parents' 50th wedding anniversary, November 2006.  We've had a few additions since then!

Me, Hunter, and his mama, Ellie.  I believe this was the summer of 2008...maybe?  

Hunter's brothers, their dad, and his dad, Paw Paw.  They're some great guys.  Summer 2008 for Hunter's Tech graduation.

One of my favorite pictures of the five of us--December 2010.

Most of the family at Blaine and Lindsey's wedding, May 2011.   

Most of the gang at Clayton and Kaitlyn's wedding, August 2011.

BA's as long as all four of us!  Christmas 2009.

BA and his girlfriend, Sydney, Ellie, Hunter, Me, Lindsey, Blaine at our baby shower in August.

Here's a little video montage of Blaine and Lindsey's wedding, just because it's fun :)  

So there's a very brief little overview of Hunter's family.  They're extremely close--something else I'm very grateful for.  I hope the Lord blesses you with a second family that you love as dearly as I love mine!

love, angie

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