Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 17

Someone you would want to switch lives with for a day and why

Hmmm...I mean I guess it would be interesting to switch places with someone rich and/or famous just to get a glimpse into what that lifestyle is like.  Kind of like that new show "Same Name"...we only watched one episode (and it just happened to be Reggie Bush!), but the concept is really pretty cool.

But, if in all reality I could actually switch lives with, it would have to be my boy.  I just think it would be so neat and truly beneficial to our relationship to understand how he sees and interprets things.  What does he experience in a day?  What does the world look like through his eyes?  How do I treat him from his point of view?  What are the needs of his that I need to do a better job of meeting?  How does that odd little brain of his work?!  And maybe I could finally grasp the concept of the "nothing box"...

I just think it would be pretty nifty and give me a much better understanding of him.  But until that magical days happens, I'll just have to try to figure him out on my own!

Be happy with yourself and your life--don't ever wish your life away, and don't live in constant discontent with the blessings you've been given.  Embrace them and your life will exceed anyone else's in your book!

love, angie

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