Friday, August 23, 2013

Long time no see, blogland

Hello, hello, hello??

I'm not sure if anyone ever read or "followed" my blog to begin with, but I'm sure I lost all two of them with my ridiculously long absence!

I cannot even begin to explain to you the craziness that our life has been.  We have been going non-s.t.o.p. since March...March, people!  It's August--that's six months without slowing down at all!  These past two weeks have been my hibernation phase and I'm finally starting to feel like a normal human being again.

I've thought of blogging again several times throughout those two weeks, but I could never settle on what direction I wanted to head after being gone for so long.  I still don't really know, but I had to make myself break my writer's block--I love this blog too much to just let it drift away!

First of all, let me remind you how cute my kid is...  That may sound pompous, but I'm her mama so I get to be :)

We had family pictures taken last month, and this one is our favorite...she's just perfect.
It has been so much to go through this age with her.  She is talking like nobody's business, learning new words and phrases daily (it seems hourly...) and we are constantly giggling at her little personality that's beginning to bloom.  It's just cool.

Second, I will be buying The Great Gatsby when it's released on Tuesday.  Because of that craziness I mentioned earlier, I wasn't able to go see it in the theaters; and the major English nerd inside of me was not happy about it.  I'm ready to get swept back into the world of literature--even if this time it's on the big screen.

Look at those characters--so much depth, even in a still shot.  Take me away Daisy; Nick; Gatsby...
Third, I am so ready for Fall that I can hardly stand it!  September through December is my absolute favorite time of year, hands down!  Granted, being in the deep south, we don't get to enjoy the full color and temperature changes that Fall brings in the more northern areas.  However, we still get our own version of cooler temps and I love em.  Plus it's FOOTBALL season, baby!  And the colors, and the smells, and the food, and the family gatherings, and the's just a time of joy...for months in a row!  And I just love it.

October really is a swell time...
So you better believe that come September 1, I will be busting out the full on Fall decor.  I. Can't. Wait!

Man it feels good to be back!  Hopefully my posting will find a regularity to it again now that I finally broke through my post-crazy writer's block.  I've missed you friends!

Until next time,
love, angie

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