Sunday, August 25, 2013

l'amour, amore, amor

Six years I've been lucky enough to be married to that stud of mine.  He is one cool cat who stole my heart immediately.  That big ole frame just houses my big ole teddy bear, who's strong for me all the time but also tender with the hearts of those he loves.  And giggle--oh he can make me giggle!

We just fit.  Like two peas in a pod.  Like cheese in macaroni.  Like perfection.

Here's to six years, my love!  And so many more that we almost lose count...almost...

 6 years of blessed marriage
5 parents' love and support
4 cars purchased and surgeries had
3 homes lived in and countries visited
2 church families and Saints games
1 beautiful daughter
0 regrets

you'll always be my favorite.
happy anniversary, babe!
love, angie