Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful:

--for worship music.  I am a very lyrically driven person {as should be obvious from my obsession with words} and song is my favorite method of worship.  I love how poetic the words are written, yet how they are able to express so eloquently what I never could in 1,000 words.  I love that it can echo through the walls of my home and vehicle, allowing me to be in a near constant mind state of worship.  I love that it can move me to strong emotion and action.  I love it.

--for a pretty incredible group of youth group girls {I adore the guys too, but this week, I'm especially thankful for the girls}.  I love getting to teach them on Wednesday nights, and I'm thankful that they all come to that class.  They have some things in the works too that exhibit a Jesus heart and they make me proud.  They are truly a blessing to me.

--that the youth rally planning is going full steam ahead!  I am also beyond thankful for a congregation of people who are excited to share in mine and my sister's dream {as well as our husbands who got on board without question}.  The glory is the Father's!

--that my boy finally had a little free time and was able to mow the lawn.  It was getting a little jungle-esque out there...

--to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrator!  I love their products and am so excited about the new catalog about to be released!  I get to do something I love and make a little money at the same time...that's just grand.

--that Grey's Anatomy is a new episode tonight!  This may sound a little ridiculous, but after two weeks of reruns, I'm ready to snuggle in with my Seattle peeps and find out what they've been up to.  {Don't you love how I think they're real I get attached to fictional characters, what's the big deal?}

--for the blessing service that our Elders and minister performed on Sunday for our kids.  I'm hoping to get a whole post up about that soon, but for now, I'll just let you know how thankful I am to worship with a family who blesses our family's efforts to raise our daughter as a child of the King--and who helps us do so.

be grateful.  give thanks.

love, angie

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