Tuesday, April 23, 2013


What a whirlwind these past two weeks have been.  Between planning and prepping for a youth rally this fall, preparing and hosting my Stampin' Up! club, going on a ladies retreat, preparing material and teaching Bible class, traveling, and on and on and on...  I haven't stopped.

Until yesterday.  And then I just stopped...  I slept in and stayed in bed watching tv past that.  My house was a disaster.  I had been washing the dishes regularly, but my sink was never emptied.  I had been washing the clothes, but the lack of folding led to a literal mountain of them on my couch (Hunter, bless his heart, had to dig for his work clothes every morning...).  I have a little walking path to my bed because everything has just been laid somewhere.

Hunter and I haven't even had time to just sit and visit.  Every conversation we've had is about some task and what the other needs to take care of; making travel arrangements or bill payments; asking one another to do something for the kiddo...  No rest.

Thankfully, I'm starting to catch my breath and wrangle my life back to a state of normalcy (somewhat...).  Little by little the house is getting picked up and cleaned, and slowly but surely we're sneaking in small conversations about non-pressing matters.

This is kind of a pointless post to a reader (if anyone out there even reads this...); but it's my outlet and venting board.  So I feel better even just expressing my need for a slowed least for a few days.

which is good, because that's all I'm gonna get off...  in a few weeks, the crazy picks right back up where it left off!

But at least I have an incredible partner and adorable baby along for the ride...

Enjoy your life--even the busy-ness of it all.  Just don't get lost in it.

love, angie

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