Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kansas City, here we come

Now that I've gotten the Google storage issue solved (even though I had to pay for more storage in order to upload any more pictures...), I can finally post again!  Pesky picture problems.

The week before Thanksgiving, AJ and I flew up to spend the week with my sister in Kansas City.   I was thoroughly dreading flying with a one year old, but she flew free so it was the best time to take her.

Southwest got more of our respect during this flight, and probably most of our business from here on out (as long as our destinations are available through them).  Hunter was holding Bella as we went to check in and print our boarding passes, and the lady said she just couldn't bare to see him have to put her down.  So she printed him a security pass so that he could come wait at the gate with us (warning us that this was not something that would normally happen and possibly never again). This was such a huge blessing and help!  We were able to squeeze in a little extra time with our boy before we left--and I had help with our one year old in the airport for an hour...  So we sat at BWW, visited, and watch A&M beat Bama, haha!  Great way to start our trip.

She really was a superb flyer--on the way up, we had a bench of three seats all to ourselves which was unbelievably wonderful.  She played with everyone around us and never got fussy.  On the way home, the flight was completely full...  We luckily were seated with a grandma, so we were able to get some extra loving patience.  However, we were so cramped.  Plus it was nap time (and yay for having a child who will not sleep being held if she can do anything to prevent it...).  She still did really well; it just took a lot more creativity and patience from me to keep her occupied.  But she's becoming quite the little pro :)

That week was our getaway.  It was really slow paced (even though it went by incredibly fast) and allowed us to get some rest.  We played here and there, shopped here and there, and capped it off with a weekend in Branson.  It was a great trip--we love visiting Aunt Chelle!

little diva learning how to shop

 she loved playing in the leaves--such a different world than what she's used to down here

One of the little girls my sister keeps.  The first picture was taken during our visit up there in January; the second was taken during this trip.  It's amazing the difference 10 months can make.

getting her grub on at Cracker Barrel--and hamming it up for the people sitting around us :)

spent one evening at Bass Pro--talk about cheap entertainment.  we played with the fish, examined all of the animals, drove the boats, looked at the lights...we could have stay there for hours.  her eyes were wide and mouth open most of the time we were there :)  just so much cool stuff to see!

we also got to see Santa while we were at Bass Pro!  Bella was just a little star, acting like she was best friends with him.  she sat in his lap and rubbed his furry outfit, looked up at him and grinned, looked at the camera ladies and smiled off and on, all without a single whimper or tear.  I was so excited it was a pleasant experience!  and when we got her back and off to the side, she repeated "Santa" and "ho ho ho" for the first time.  such a rock star.

being cute at the zoo.  she absolutely loved the animals and got so excited when they would move.  the orangutans were especially interested in the girls and the kangaroos did not like us (they pretty much chased us out of their area...not cool, pretty scary).  she also liked the birds and the polar bear.

we brought a friend to the zoo with us!  they were so sweet snuggled up in that stroller side by side.  

she was such a big girl on that carousel.  sat right up there and held on like she knew what she was doing.  all smiles the whole way around :)

becoming snowladies at Christmas village

waiting in line for the train...and then on the train.  baby girl was wiped out.  we got on the train around 5 and that was the first she had slept since she woke up at 7:30 that morning.  she was so mesmerized by the lights and the people that she couldn't sleep (but was still very pleasant).  but as soon as that train started moving she was out like a light.

she's the cutest little prisoner I've ever seen...

aunt chelle being a good sport and riding the frogs with the tot and J :)  it was one of the few rides she was big enough to ride, and she loved it.  she cried when they stopped!

Merry Christmas!

love, angie

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