Monday, May 21, 2012

I love this crazy life.

Wow--it's been a while!  And while I was away, blogger got a I have to figure this all out again!

We have been SO busy this past month, it's just about been ridiculous.  May 3, we left dark and early for my sister's in Kansas City.  Between then and yesterday afternoon, we had been home about 60 nonconsecutive hours (and that includes the very few nights we were able to sleep here!).  We were quite the little roadrunners, adding about 4,000 miles traveled to our log...and praise the Lord for a well behaved baby because she did great through it all!

Here are a few clips of our crazy busy month of May:

Had to have a little Jack Stack while we were in Kansas City.  And Bella learned how to sit in a high chair like a big girl while we were up there!

Daddy built Aunt Chelle some shelves so she could have a pantry.  Bella was the sweetest little spice on the shelf!

We were able to squeeze in a family photo shoot--great birthday present!  This is just a tease.  I'll post some more another time; they are great!  Cherish Anderson Photography is fabuloso!

We got home from Michelle's Wednesday night just in time to pull into the church parking lot for services.  We went in and taught our youth group class of kiddos and then had a committee meeting.  We had stopped to get dinner and just walked in the door at 10 when Hunter's mom called to let us know that Hunter's grandpa had passed away.  He had been sick for a while, but the news never comes easy.

Richard "Dickie" Courmier
April 7, 1942-May 9, 2012

Racing wheelchairs with their Pop during one of our visits a few weeks before he passed.

Pop and Arabella
The service was Saturday.  Sunday, Hunter and I unpacked and repacked, celebrated a very quick Mother's Day, and then headed separate ways--he went to San Antonio for work and I went to Alexandria to keep my best friend's son while she went back to work.

My sweet Mother's day card from my boy and my bug. 
A glimpse at my week with Hudson (3 months) and Arabella (6 months) :)  

Two babies in a buggy!  Mamas had to go to Walmart--they squeezed into one cart :)
Future Tech Bulldogs right there!
Melissa, Rachel, and I with our wee tots.  Three best friends with three adorable babies.  I love that we all started our little families around the same time so our kids can grow up together!

Our sweet babies--they'll be a handful together in a few more months!  Peyton (7 months), Hudson (3 months), and Arabella (6 months)

We got home late Friday night from our separate trips, unpacked and cleaned up a little, feel into bed, and headed to Houston the next day.  Our best friend, Clay, ran in the Memorial Herman IronMan triathlon this past weekend.  He's always dreamed of competing in one and we always promised him we would be there to cheer him on if he did.  Well he did, and we were there.  He finished and now holds the title of IronMan!  We are so incredibly proud--it's just unreal what he accomplished.

For those of you who don't know what the IronMan is--it is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike race, and marathon (26.2 mile run).  They start at 7am and have until midnight to complete it in order to qualify and earn the title.

Had to make Bella a onesie to support him!  Go Uncle Claybird!

The back--IronMan 2012 (thank goodness the M dot is an easy symbol to artistic abilities are slim)

AJ with the FINISHER!!  He was worn out, but had to sneak in a photo op with his little cheerleader :)

And then we got home at about 2:15 Sunday morning, got up and went to church followed by our Senior banquet for the graduates.  Hunter was one of the presenters/speakers and I had been working all week/weekend working on and finishing up the slideshow.

Needless to say that night, we had NO trouble falling asleep!

We were crazy busy, but we got to spend time with so many friends and family and make some incredible memories.  Hopefully we're home to stay for a while though...

love, angie

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