Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I had the amazing privilege during my teaching career to organize and chaperone two trips to Washington DC with my students.  Visiting the home of our nation's beginnings; witnessing invaluable documents; standing in the places where our brave and incredible founding fathers once stood; walking through memorials dedicated to those who gave everything they had for this country...  It was absolutely incredible.  One of the most amazing experiences of my those trips and my life so far was touring Arlington National Cemetery.  It is truly humbling and awe inspiring to walk among the resting places of so many who gave their life for me.

This country by all means has its faults.  But I am proud to belong to it and beyond grateful for the life I'm free to have here.

Thank you seems so inadequate for all our service men and women have done and continue to do for us.  The ultimate sacrifice is given by them and their families.  We are forever indebted.

Korean War Memorial

WWII Memorial
WWII Memorial--Here we mark the price of Freedom.

WWII Memorial--Each star represents 100 soldiers who died or were missing in the war.
Iwo Jima Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
Entering Hallowed Grounds
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

A fallen friend, laid to rest in a true place of honor.  We'll see you again soon, Dustin.

Thank you for paying the price of earthly freedom.

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