Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day

I know I'm a couple of weeks late.  But if you look back at my post about how crazy our lives have been lately, you might understand.  Mother's Day fell in the midst of all of that craziness...  So I'm posting today.

My mama.  She's a pretty special little lady--and she really is little :)  There hasn't been a time that I can remember when she wasn't willing to give up her plans, stay up late to help with something or just to talk, chaperone our school trips and cheer us on.  Mother/Daughter relationships can be tricky sometimes--the bickering and boundaries get in the way.  But the love never moves.  Mom and I had our fair share of arguments and tiffs growing up--as every mom and daughter do (I'm sure mine and AJ's will start any day now...).  But now, as an adult, I'm proud to say she's one of my closest friends.

Becoming a mama this past year has also taught me how much my own mama must love me and my sisters.  It's a feeling that can't be explained--you can only understand by experiencing it yourself.  

Those countless nights of staying up with a crying baby; changing diapers and clothes; bath time, bed time, nap time; sickness and snotty noses.  Mamas clean up the mess and kiss away the troubles.  Their being holds the definition of patience.  They also hold one of the truest forms of love.

They're heroes...

This past year, I also became a mama to a beautiful little girl.  Every day is my mother's day as I'm able to take care of her, provide for her, play with her, and love her.  She is such a precious gift.  I hope I make her proud to have me as a mama.  

No language can express the power, and beauty, and heroism, and majesty of a mother's love.  It shrinks not where man cowers, and grows stronger where man faints, and over wastes of worldly fortunes sends the radiance of its quenchless fidelity like a star.  
~Edwin Hubbell Chapin

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