Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol!

I never was much on the American Idol bandwagon.  Until Casey Abrams came around last year... Hunter and I fell in love with him and he got us hooked on the show.  Now, we're tried and true riders on the AI train...

Loved us some Casey Abrams!
This year has been the first time we have watched it all the way through, starting with auditions.  We've really enjoyed it--although some of our favorites got cut way before we thought they should...

Johnny Keyser--I thought he was going to be in it for the long haul for sure during his audition.
Lauren Gray--loved her Norah Jonesesque style and sound 
Reed Grimm--he was just a cool cat and oh so truly talented
I also really like Elise.  Her voice was so smooth and she has such power in it.  

love this song, love both of them, loved this duet!

She KILLED this performance!

One thing that was really awesome about this season was that Josh Ledet is from Westlake--which is in the Lake Charles area where Hunter and I are from!  We loved seeing our home on national TV, getting a glorious spotlight--and seeing the support that our people will pour out on one of their own.  Not to mention, he is an incredibly talented singer/performer!  We were bummed when he got voted off last week, but there's no doubt we'll be buying his CD when he releases one :)

He gets after it and we love him!
Oh Joshua

Good ole Calcasieu Parish...Home Sweet Home

That leaves the finale...Jessica and Phillip.  

Jessica just plain annoys me.  The girl has got some pipes--don't get me wrong.  But her immaturity and personality, plus her song choices and stage presence just don't bode well with me.  

Phillip on the he makes my heart sing right along with him!  He has a pure, authentic style all his own, and despite the attempts of the producers, stylists, and public, he has not changed who he is for any amount of fame or glory.  He has a bluesy swoon to his voice that just carries me to my happy place.  Man oh man...I hope he wins!  (I was REALLY hoping for it to come down to Joshua and Phillip--then it would be a win/win for me no matter who took the title!)

Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.  Love that Phillip Phillips! 
I get so excited when he gets in his groove!  Oh, love him
Not to mention, Jessica would be home long ago without the judges' save--and Phillip has never been in the bottom, ever!

Here's hoping for Phillip Phillips!

LOVED his single!

This performance gave me "goosies"!  Melts my heart every time...

Can't wait for tonight!

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