Wednesday, August 24, 2011

October babies bring August showers

What a busy weekend this has been!

First of all, let me explain the context of last week--it was one of happy moments, but also filled with some earthly sadness as well.  My grandmother's husband has been very ill for the past few months, battling Alzheimer's and bodily shutdowns.  He passed away this past Wednesday.  Monday night, the baby of some family friends was found blue and not breathing.  He has been the focus and the prayer of so many this week, and God used (and will continue to use) his little life in tremendous ways.  Sadly, he was pronounced brain dead and life support was discontinued on Saturday.  However, the unwavering love and faith of his parents and family have shone as an undeniable testimony.  Also, on Thursday, a longtime member of the congregation in Sulphur and a close friend of Hunter's family was found in his deer stand, already dead.

Last week held a lot of heartache and uncertainties.  Our hearts were breaking over the loss of these three lives here on Earth.  However, the great and undeniable comfort is that all three are now seated at the feet of Jesus.  I ask for your prayers for all three of these families as they learn to cope with the changes these passings will bring to their own lives.  Pray for them to have peace and healing.

Now, it seems a little odd even to me to combine such news that to some is quite depressing with the exciting news of our shower and upcoming little addition.  But since that is the timeline that our lives provided, that is the timeline I use here.

Speaking of timelines:

Friday--I drove to Houston and picked up my oldest sister Michelle who flew in for the shower.  We explored IKEA for a little bit (we forgot to bring a map and a camelbak so we couldn't do much--that place is ridiculous!), and then headed all the way back to Sulphur to surprise little Aby by picking her up from school.  We of course had to go get sno-cones before we dropped her back off :)  It was so precious to hear her stories and all that she was learning.  Michelle and I then headed back to mom's for a quick rest before making our way back to Sulphur to Hunter's cousin's house for a triple birthday dinner and some visiting.  While we were there, my best friend Rachel made it in to town.  We headed back to the house kind of late and managed to crawl into bed around one (by the time we got done visiting!).

Saturday--Shower day was finally here!  My mom's stepdad's funeral was actually this day also which meant she was unable to come, and we were unable to go up there.  It was a sad turn of events, but sometimes life does that to you.  We had a great turnout and got a lot of great things for our sweet wee one!  Hunter wanted to come (although he soon regretted that when he saw how many women were there!) and was able to manage to convince his brothers to come as well.  It was a lot of fun!

The mama and the daddy :)

Me and my lovely hostesses!  Brenda Defelice, our High School Math teacher who helped get us together; Becky Hammersly, long time Newby family friend; Melonie, my middle sister; Michelle, my oldest sister; Kristen, long time friend of mine; and Lindsey Newby, Blaine's wife--our new sister-in-law!
The spread :)  Fantastic cupcakes from Pronia's (Banana's Foster and White Chocolate Raspberry), punch, nuts, mints, and adorable/delicious baby themed sugar cookies!
Sign-in table.  Each guest wrote down advice and/or well wishes for us and Arabella to be used to create some pages in her baby book.  
Melissa, Katy, and Shelley--some of my dear friends from High School who were able to come, and I was so excited!  
My boys--the troopers who toughed it out with all the women :)  Blaine--Uncle B (middle brother), Hunter--Daddy (my boy and the oldest), BA--Uncle Bilo (baby brother).  Love them all so much!

Opening gifts!  This one in particular was from Aunt Chelle (my oldest sister).  Hunter has a phobia of nasty things--you know, all those things that babies create all the time:  dirty diapers, spit/throw up, food spilled and spread everywhere...  She created a "Daddy's Doodie Kit" including the apron he's wearing, a basting brush (for extra cleaning!), tongs, goggles, a poncho, a painter's drape cloth, and a surgical mask--along with some other funnies.  Too funny!  And the really funny thing is that he'll probably use some of it once she gets here ;)
Hunter's family--BA with his girlfriend Sydney, his mom Ellie, us, and Blaine with his wife Lindsey.

We of course went to Steamboat Bill's afterward for lunch (this is a staple meal anytime Michelle and/or I are in town--often, it's a staple multiple times!).  Rachel and I then went back to the house to finish up Bella's curtains and pillows.

She did a fabulous job!  

Michelle and I also kept all three of Mel's kiddos for the night so that Mel and Aaron could go out for his birthday.  After we got those three wild ones to bed, Hunter, Michelle, and I played Phase 10.  Now, I feel obligated to tell you that Michelle definitely won, but Hunter also definitely lost.  Just an important bit of info :)  Once again we went to bed way too late for our old selves, but oh well.

Sunday--woke up and got all of us ready to go to Parkway for church.  Aaron led singing and Hunter preached.  It was a great little service :)  We went back to that staple restaurant for lunch (I'm telling you, we eat there as often as we can!) and then went home to pack up all of our goodies to head back home.  As a little twist, Michelle has decided that she might want to take Kailyn (Melonie's youngest) back to Kansas City with her--she decided this on Saturday night.  So that little munchkin was making the trek back to TX with us!  After we made all of our stops and let Mel and Aaron say their multiple goodbyes, we finally began our journey back home.  Hunter put together the crib and changing table; Michelle and I sorted through all of the gifts.  You couldn't see the living room floor anymore!  To take a break we went to Saltgrass for dinner--mmm mmm.  By the time we got home, we were too tired to do anything else, so Michelle skipped off to bed.  Hunter had to finish a presentation for work the next day, so he sat down to that.  Feeling guilty if I went to bed, I tried to be a good wife and stay up with him until he was finished--which ended up being 1:00!  I was starting to get very very sleepy from this busy weekend with little rest!

Melonie's youngest, Kailyn.  She LOVED the crib!  

Monday--Michelle and I (and Kailyn!) ran some errands and worked on the nursery like crazy.  Everything really started turning out well!  I also had a doctor's appt. that day so Aunt Chelle got to hear our little munchkin's heartbeat of 146 :)  Sweet moments.  That night, she made us a lovely dinner (she's just so good!) before we headed off to our breastfeeding class at the hospital.  We got home late from that, visited a little, and headed to bed--again way too late for our aging selves (they're both a whole lot older than me by the way!)

Daddy putting the crib together

Her sweet letters painted by a friend.  They'll hang on the wall above the crib.  The little pillow in the corner was also made by Rachel when she did the curtains.  She made a longer one to go in the rocking chair when we get it.

crib and changing table

changing table, door, dresser, and corner where the rocking chair will go when we get it.

Tuesday--it was time for Aunt Chelle to go home.  So we packed up and hit the road to Houston again.  I got out at the airport to help her with Kailyn while she got her bag checked and so we could say goodbye.

She knows how to travel :)

Then they headed for security and I hit the road again...  Now, I usually do fine driving as far as staying awake.  But those days of very little rest were catching up with me--it was SO hard for me to stay awake on that drive home!  But I finally made it back home, and she made it back up north with the little toote.  Needless to say, the first thing I did when I got home was take a nap!

It was an insanely busy few days, but they were packed with so much goodness!  I'm still not fully rested, but I might as well get used to that, right?  I hope you all have blessed time and memories with your family and friends.  Cherish the time you have with them--we're not guaranteed any.  And losing those three lives last week helped me remember how suddenly it can happen.

love, angie


  1. your shower lovely, the hostesses did a great job! it was a joy for me to celebrate with all of you in anticiaption of your Arabella Jolie! i REALLY LOVED that hunter's 2 brothers were able to be there, also. there's just something special about seeing 3 brothers together.....hmmm, wonder why! God Bless you as you await this awsome new life.

  2. It was a great shower! I'm so glad the boys are close now, I had my doubts when they were younger!