Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire! pt 2

Our first dance as husband and wife, "When I Said 'I Do'".  This song is still so special to us--the words speak so truly about the commitment.  

My cake--trimmed with Christmas ornaments and Mardi Gras beads

Memory table for our loved ones who couldn't be there with us.    Ricky Courmier--Hunter's uncle who was killed in a car accident a few days after Hunter was born; ET Browning, my grandfather "PawPaw"; Gordie Lee Thurston, my great-grandmother "Nanny Thurston"; George Emmit Thurston, my grandfather "Poppie"; Fred Romero, a dear friend of mine who was serving in the US Navy and couldn't come.

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son dance

Our fantastic bridal party!  It truly is better when we're together...

And we're off!
It seems like that all happened last week!  Time really does fly when you're having fun.  And that's one of the best pieces of advice we were ever given, and now we give it to others--never stop dating.  Keep the fun alive and it makes the difficult times a little easier.

I have truly been so blessed through the gift of my husband.  He serves as my reality check as well as my escape from the mundane.  He's my support system and my constant encouragement.  He provides for me and protects me.  He tells me the truth even when I don't want to hear or accept it.  He's my teammate, my helper, and my best friend.

Life has already brought us on some major roller coaster rides.  But because of our unwavering devotion to Jesus as well as to each other, we have never even thought of separating ourselves in the midst of turmoil.  Things have tried to come between us, but we choose to remain closer than ever.  There would be no need for the promises made through vows if marriage was always easy.  We take those vows we said with the utmost sincerity and plan to live this dream to the fullest.

He's the only man I've ever kissed.  In over 8 years, we never broke up or even "took a break".  We've learned each others habits and personalities so well that it's sometimes kind of scary!  Now we have the pleasure of being blessed with starting a family together.  I can't wait to see how much this little angel changes our lives and brings us even closer together.

This is only the beginning!

love, angie

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