Sunday, October 19, 2014

the night before...

Knowing a specific date that an important event makes it seem like it will be fooooorrreeeever before it gets here--the last day of school; a big vacation; a surgery...

October 20, 2014 has been that day for me...because it's the day I finally get to meet you.

Here we sit the night before, in a quiet house.  Daddy is in bed snoring; Aunt Mel and Arabella are snuggled up in her bed; the laundry and dishes are washed and put away; the bags and the car are packed; and the clock is slowly ticking by...

So we're snuggled up in the chair, enjoying one last peaceful night.  This is far from our last night of hanging out together while everyone else is sleeping (but those have the potential to not be this peaceful...).  I'm trying to soak up each little (ok, big) wiggle and kick you'll give me.  It's reached the point of being pretty painful because you're so big in there, but I know that as soon as you're out, that's what I'll miss the most--those jolts and jiggles that only you and I share.

It is so difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that I actually am having another baby tomorrow.  In eight measly hours, we get to meet.  That makes my heart flutter and my mind race and my stomach a little uneasy (just really not looking forward to all of the needles and knives it takes to get you here...).  

You have so many people who are ready to meet you and love on you (a big ole daddy, an anxious mama, and the most beautiful big sister ever top that list).  It is so hard to be tired and go to sleep knowing I'm so close to my grand prize--you!

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