Tuesday, October 14, 2014

just a few thoughts

First of all--this weather!  We are finally getting some cooler temps that should be here at least through the week, and it is just what my little self needed to perk up some.  Walking outside actually makes me smile instead of burst into sweats immediately and hurry back inside...  Ahhhh, welcome, our tiny little version of Fall...

This week had the potential to be one of the longest and slowest of my life.  Knowing a scheduled date for our baby to be born (assuming and hoping I don't go into labor before then) has been convenient in a lot of ways.  But at the same time, it has made it seem like that day would never get here.

So what started as a very empty week that would pass very slowly (and uncomfortably) got changed up today.  And I am SO grateful!

I went to the doctor today for my last scheduled appointment.  Everything still looks great and we're on for next Monday!  My blood pressure was the highest today that it's been the whole pregnancy (114/76), but it was still better than it normally is when I'm not even pregnant.  We are SO grateful that I haven't had any issues with that this go round!  I came home and whipped up some dinner and brought some over to a lady from church who recently broke her neck and just got home from a rehab facility.  (but today was the only day that originally had any plans...)

Now, tomorrow, AJ and I are headed to the hospital to do all of my pre-op registration paperwork and lab work.  Not really something to look forward to, but at least it's something to do and it gets us one step closer to my baby boy getting here.

Wednesday is my shopping day.  I'm headed to Walmart to get everything I can think of that we'll need to be stocked up on (toiletries, detergents, toilet paper, snacks, drinks, etc.) so that I won't have to worry with running out of any of that for a few weeks with a newborn.

Thursday I get to have a date with my BFF!  I wrote and asked her about going to get a pedicure with me (it's always better with a friend)--my feet have desperately been needing some attention and I would love to have that done before giving birth.  Those plans evolved into a shopping trip and dinner too :)  I must say, I'm really looking forward to my little girls' night out before I'm completely tied down to baby's schedule and needs again.

Friday and Saturday, I'll be breaking out my cookie monster to make some Halloween treats for my youngest niece's pre-K class.  My sister jokingly suggested I could make some to help pass the time this week--and I was all about it!  It's a small "order" so it'll be just enough to be fun (plus, she doesn't need as many as a batch makes, so we'll have some extras to munch on!)

Sunday is our last day as a family of three (crazy concept for me to wrap my brain around...).  We'll have church that morning and getting all the details taken care of the rest of day--packing the car, cleaning up the house, finishing the laundry, and probably playing some Candy Land with our girl...  That night will end with a meal out (more than likely of my favorites!)--it'll be a few days before I can eat a really good meal again, so I'm getting what I want that night!

And that brings us to Monday...dark and early, we'll head to the hospital to get checked in, suited up, and cut open...and get to meet our precious baby boy.  I cannot wait to see what he looks like, smells like, tastes like (smooches!), snuggles like, sounds like...I cannot wait to know him.  And I cannot wait to get him out of me :P

We're hoping and praying that everything continues to go as smoothly as they have so far, and that Kaplan and I both handle delivery and recovery and life together well.  Looking forward to my last "just busy enough" week!

love, angie

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