Saturday, October 4, 2014

And his room is finally finished...

Last year, my sister and I  had the brilliant idea to host a youth rally.  It was fabulous and blessed, but it was a ton of work.  So I knew going into it this year--especially being pregnant and working multiple jobs and having 18 million other things on my plate--that I wasn't going to be able to get anything done at home "baby wise" until the youth rally was over.  That included his nursery (especially since we were housing people, I couldn't disassemble my guest room until then).

Well then, my lovely boy informed my that we would be moving as early as January.  Don't freak out on me...those plans have since fallen through...gotta love being at the mercy of an oil refinery.  So then, I pretty much decided he wasn't even going to have a nursery in this house.  I didn't want to go through all that work and spend all the time and money to get it ready, when he wouldn't even really need it before we left.  That decision made me sad (because getting the room together is fun and makes the baby coming seem more real), but at the same time, it was a huge item I could take off of my to do list.  

And then Exxon had all kinds of issues happen that affected my boy and his schedule and plans--so everything we thought was going to happen went way up in the air.  And now we know we're moving, but have no idea when and no idea where.  So here we were with less than 2 months to go, myself used to the idea of not thinking about planning out a nursery...and now I need to get something whipped together quickly

Luckily, I had chosen colors pretty much as soon as we found out we were pregnant--grey, mint, and yellow...we'd add coral for a girl and navy for a boy.  Now I just had to find stuff those colors, move everything around, get his furniture, figure out a layout, and all that other jazz!

I couldn't do much of anything until the furniture was switched (Arabella got the queen bed in her room and the crib and changing table switched to the now nursery) and the room was painted.  Since Hunter was prepping for a turnaround (oh have I not mentioned yet that he started a turnaround yesterday that will go through Thanksgiving?  And that we have a baby smack dab in the middle of that time period?  Another joy of being at the mercy of an oil refinery...I digress...), he wasn't home to be able to help do much.  My fabulous parents came over one weekend and dad switched all of the furniture; the next weekend, my mother-in-law was kind enough to come paint.  I seriously could not have gotten it done without their help.  

MawMaw had a pretty awesome painter's assistant early that Saturday morning
It's been a long process getting pieced together slowly as we had showers and pay periods to be able to get what was missing...but it's finally finished!

Here's the view looking in from the door.  We have a pretty small house with no storage other than the bedroom closets...  So I was pretty nervous about how I was going to fit everything we needed for him in there.  I didn't clean out his closet because I have nowhere else to put all of my things that are in there--and it's finally all organized and accessible.  There's a rod in there to hand his clothes on, but no extra storage room at all...  Really, it's all working out ok.  That big pile of diapers in the corner (which we are SOOOO thankful for!) is the only thing that I would really love to be able to fit in a closet.  But I can so handle them sitting in that corner--especially since that's that many months of diaper butts we didn't have to find money for...

Let's go wall by wall:

This is the door to the left of that top picture.  The door to the room would be on the left side and the door frame you can see is the closet.  I opted for one of the little cube systems (from Target) because I really do love them.  I have one in this closet and Bella's and our teen room at church and they are just plum practical.  I went with white to help lighten up the room some since all the other furniture is dark brown.  It still works without clashing because of the white trim and accents.  
It's also crazy to me that as worried as I was about storage, that this thing is basically empty as of right now.  The bottom yellow bucket has small toys in it; the other three are empty.

The framed pictures on the wall in this picture and the next are printables I ordered on Etsy.  I got cheap wood frames from Wal-Mart and painted them with leftover paint from his door hanger (which you also get a peek of in this picture).

The shelf on the wall (made out of an old shutter and some door knobs) came from Hobby Lobby and I love it.  
The little knick knacks came from a combination of Hobby Lobby (giraffe plaque and ultrasound frame), Michael's (giant clothespins--that can hang on the wall!), Kohl's (happy together picture frame), Amazon (storage cubes--couldn't find those colors in store), Gordman's (love you more block), and Everything's a Dollar (mint green jar--actually a flower pot).

This is the wall that you look directly at when you walk in the room.  To the left is the window which corners up with the closet on the adjacent wall.  

The changing table pad cover is mint chevron and I ordered in from Kohl's online.  It was very difficult for me to find one of these in any of the four colors...

I'm loving the combination of baskets on the changing table this go round!  The big wicker basket (on the shelf) holds extra diaper pail refills, boogie wipes, lotion, Dreft, and rubbing alcohol.  The little blue bin in the middle has all of the meds and creams.  The big mintish green one (from Gordman's) holds sleep sacks and receiving blankets.
The yellow one has diapers and the navy blue one has all the extra wipes.  The grey striped one in the middle (from Target) has his blankets tucked inside.

That big wicker basket on the floor is from Target (found in the gardening section...kind of...not with all the other baskets).  I have one of these in Bella's room too and I use them as their laundry baskets. They are big and sturdy and those little chalkboards on them are just fun!  My friend Rachel introduced me to these and I love them.

And of course, we have the beloved diaper pail.  This one is the Arm and Hammer brand, and when the baking soda dispenser is fresh, the smell really is maintained well (I need to replace that before he gets here...)  I also have started keeping an air freshener at the bottom of it under the bag and it helps tremendously!  The best kind I've found is actually the car fresheners from Bath and Body Works.

The big K on the wall is from Hobby Lobby--I had my eye on those big metal letter for months and it was the first thing I bought when we decided his name.  The framed art are the printables and painted frames I mentioned earlier.

His bed in on the wall to the far right when you walk in the door.  It has that big pile of diapers to the left side (corner between it and the changing table).

This bed has been a toddler bed for over a year now and it seems so weird to see the front panel back on it...  That incredible knit blanket draped over the edge is from Babies R Us (as is the crib, but we bought it 3.5 years ago) and it is as snuggly as it looks.  The sheets and bed skirt and rug are from Target.  That perfect pillow in the corner was a Hobby Lobby score!

His name canvas is one of my favorites.  A friend of mine--who is a fabulous artist--paints these to match bedding/decor.  I found this fabric and fell in love with it (if it wasn't crazy daisy expensive, I was going to make his curtains out of this).

I sent her that picture and asked if she could use this for his canvas decoration since I didn't have a theme or specific decor to go off of, only colors.  She accepted the challenge (although the iKat was more of a pain that she had expected)!

I just asked if she'd add a few touches of yellow to tie all the colors together.  I am so, so pleased with how it turned out! (and love that it's different from the individual letters like we did in Arabella's room)

Finally, here's the wall that the door is on (so directly to your right/beside you when you walk in).  It has his dresser on it (South Shore brand from Target...opted for a cheap one now and when he's older we'll get a real wood piece).

The little basket on the floor to the right is yellow and grey in a fun pattern (from Gordman's) and it houses all of his little shoes.

There is another wooden decorative block from Gordman's and another mint flower pot from Everything's a Dollar on top of it.  

The picture frame (which currently holds one of our maternity pictures but will eventually have one of his newborn pictures in it) came from Hobby Lobby and is propped on an easel.  The wall art was my first purchase for his room...I fell in love with that saying and I'm a sucker for some pallet art.  The yellow and grey chevron and football "books" are storage boxes that will hold little keepsakes through the years.  They as well as the art piece also came from Hobby Lobby. (it may be mine and Bella's favorite store...I adore the fact that she begs to go to "yobby yobby"!)

The lamp...oh the lamp.  I fell in love with that shade (surprise, surprise from Hobby Lobby).  It was simple, the right color, but with some shimmer in it to add pizazz without being too busy.  
The lamp base that you can't really see, is a white ceramic owl from Wal-mart.  I love me a hootie and was so excited to find him!
But when I got home and went to put them together--after I had stupidly taken off all of the packaging on both of them--that they don't fit together.  The lamp shade has a really high adapter thingamajig (I am ALL about the technical terms), so it covers up a lot of the base it sits on...unless it's supposed to have one of those harp adapter things?  But the owl base doesn't fit those either.


So I still have to find a lamp, but that it where it will go...some day.

Phew!  If you made it through this whole post, kudos and thanks to you!  I'm kind of out of breath and I wasn't even saying all of this out loud!  Oh yeah, I'm always out of breath because I'm 9 months preggo with a man child...  Anyway, it feels so wonderful to have his room finished!  We were still hanging up Arabella's alphabet wall at 11:00 the night before I was admitted to the hospital...  I walk in there so many times a day and just smile, straightening something out and making sure it's all just right.  I still have moments (a lot of them) when I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that we're having another one...or that I'm having a little boy...

But oh how ready I am (at least until he gets here and I can't sleep anymore :P)!

love, angie


  1. I love his room! You are so good at mixing and matching colors and patterns. Side note.... We are not letting you guys move. You are too good of neighbors :)

  2. Thanks so much, Ashley! We feel the same about y'all, and mention all the time how much we love our little group of neighborlies :)