Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

Got to skip on over to the good ole Red Stick this past weekend to visit Hunter's brother and his wife.  They just bought their house and this was our first chance to visit.  (We're so happy for and proud of them--the house is perfect!)  The baby brother and his gal were also able to join us to make it a full sibling weekend.  It was fabulous!

We had great food (peach cobbler, lunch at a home cookin' restaurant [Sammy's], shrimp etoufee, french bread and herbs/olive oil, fruit pizza, and turkey burgers).  We played some mean pool volleyball--Lindsey and I were the MVP's in case anybody was wondering.  AJ got the change to show off her fishy skills, while sporting her hat and sunglasses (she was the cutest thing ever, and we completely didn't get a picture.  Fail).  We played some late night Taboo and watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec. Hunter put radios (and speakers in BA's) in both of his brothers' vehicles (which he loved...doesn't get to do that much anymore).  

And we laughed...a lot :)

Good times.  Crazy kids.  Family.

love, angie

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