Saturday, September 15, 2012

best friends and babies

It's not very often that people get to have lifelong friends.  I have one of those...  We've been best buds since Kindergarten.  From grade school crushes, to falling in love for real; NSYNC ob-sess-ions to Louisiana Tech passion; from joined birthday parties at Drew Park to holding each others babies...

We were born a day apart--maybe that has something to do with it.  But we just get each other and always have.  We're both fairly quiet, self-motivated, and lovers of Jesus.  We are completely comfortable around each other and tell each other just about everything.  We just work.

And now we're mamas.  She already has an adorable little boy who's pushing 4...  But she just had a beautiful little girl this week, Miss Evelyn.  I loved loving on her!  

Evelyn Elizabeth, 2 days old
Angie and Ev
Arabella Jolie, 2 days old
Kristen and Bella
How did we get there from this?  And so quickly...

Love you, friend!

love, angie

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