Monday, May 4, 2015

it's always better when we're together

I may have just gotten more than a little emotional sitting on the couch watching a video our friends made for Hunter's 21st birthday.  That was 9 years ago. Holy moly.

They came down to see us that summer for his birthday and brought this little video montage with them. That year had been pretty much a disaster for us--our relationship was in tact, but our world was crumbling. And let me tell you something...God's almighty hand put these people in our lives to walk that journey with us. 

We hadn't even known each other a year by this point. But even then, we knew without question that the connection was firm, sincere, and unshakeable. We've walked with each other through weddings, divorces, babies, moves, weight gain, mission trips, deaths, hard diagnoses, bad decisions, school, vacations, and everything in between. These people undoubtedly helped (and keep helping) shape us into the people and couple we are. They love us when we're wrong. They love us when we're annoying. They love us even though we're far away. They love us because we are us. And that's just as grand as it gets, folks. 

Watching those pictures scroll through, this time knowing how life has turned out so far for all of us, was such a different feeling. We were so young and so stupidly unaware. And oh how there are so many days I wish we could all just go back and relive it. 

Let's just be honest. Sometimes this life sucks. It just flat out beats you up. People mess with your heart. Disaster and disrase have no prejudices. The demands of the daily will wear you ragged. Not to mention kids and work and adult-ing. As that ever so "lovely" episode of Grey's Anatomy put it this week: the carousel never stops turning. 

But you know what makes the ride possible?  Your people. The ones who will jump out and get crazy dizzy with you so you're not alone. The ones who climb in the trenches with you, tell it like it is, and force you to climb back out. The ones who laugh with and/or at you because it's just necessary. The ones who put you in your place, whether that's being taken down a notch or two or ten, or offering praise. The ones who know your dark moments. The ones who are there (even if it can't be physically) and you don't even have to wonder if they will be. Your people not only make life sucking more bearable, they make it pretty fantastic. 

And as I sat on my couch tonight, softly weeping (aka cheeks flooded with tears and ugly crying...), my heart and spirit overflowed with gratitude for these people. These hilarious weirdos that I get to do life with. 

I love my people. 
Xoxo, angie

Ps. I know that all of you are going to make fun of this random emotional outburst. Get over it. You know I'm the bleeding heart and you love me in spite of it (or maybe even because of it!).  Just humor me and embrace all the feels, k?  K. 

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