Sunday, January 12, 2014

who's your best friend?

I asked my sweet toddler a question tonight as she trampled amongst the pillows and my husband on our bed.  She was giggling in her innocence, unscathed by the ugliness of the world.

...let them remind you of the wonder...
Amid the giggles and prancing, I asked, "Arabella, who's your best friend?"

I had never asked her this question.  We talk about her friends often--the other kids in Bible class, the neighbors, the children she met at my sister's daycare.  But I'd never asked who her best friend was.

To be honest, I was expecting the typical "mama" or "daddy", or maybe a grandparent or cousin.  I never expected her answer.

Without skipping a beat, she looked me right in the eye and replied, "baby Jesus".

Mine and Hunter's hearts went crazy!  How perfect and priceless and precious of an answer.


My two year old just reopened my heart and its eyes.  I want to be just like her!

Oh, to live my life in the utmost understanding that Jesus--no longer a baby, but the King of Kings and my risen-from-the-dead Savior--that Jesus is my best friend.

Recognize that even the smallest minds and hearts are absorbing every single thing.  They understand and process more than we expect or think them able to.  So challenge them, teach them, explore and learn with them.  But don't you dare be afraid to learn from them.  Because with each new day, I'm understanding more and more that those are some of the most profound lessons you will ever experience.

love, angie

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  1. How precious! I want that to be my answer too. Child-like faith :)