Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday

I know this was a sore subject for a lot of people this year with how early the stores opened.  I do feel bad for the people who had to work on Thanksgiving and I do miss it all happening on Friday.  But Grey Thursday/Black Friday shopping was actually my family's version of Thanksgiving this year and we had a great time together!

Hunter, AJ, and I headed over to his mom's house that morning for what was supposed to be Thanksgiving breakfast.  His brothers were both with their girls' families so it was just us and Hunter's grandparents--we wanted it to be easy.  But since AJ decided to scream and beg to go to bed at 7:45 the night before (causing her to wake up at 10 once her "nap" was over...and stay awake until 1:30)...I wasn't diggin' getting up so much when my alarm went off.  So we were a little late and ended up chowing down on some gumbo and potato salad...  what a bummer :P

She found Gramps's riding hat and Uncle Ricky's hat (my mother-in-law's brother who was killed in a car wreck when he was a teenager).  Special memories on a special girl! 

The sweetest moment of the day was the prayer...  We all circled up in the kitchen to say it before we fixed out plates.  However, AJ is used to saying it once we're all sitting down at the table--so once every one had their food and sat down, she insisted that we say the prayer!  So we grabbed hands and talked to our Jesus again, extra thankful for this munchkin that time.  She was so proud--so much so that she pretty much prayed on her own after every bite!  She even grabbed her little Mickey's hands and covered up his eyes to make him pray with her.  It was absolutely precious and made her daddy and me so very proud. 

That afternoon we headed over to Hunter's dad's house for a late lunch; my parents were able to come eat with us there too.  We got to visit and AJ got to play with her cousins, so she was all kinds of exited.

When the time came, my sister came and met us and we headed into town with my parents (sans AJ) for some shopping!  This was dad's first year to go and we were so surprised he wanted to come.  His rules were that he couldn't be a grouch and mom also told him he couldn't question any purchases...Well when we got out and going, he giggled along to those rules as he explained they applied to her too and we were going to be stopping by Dick's Sporting Goods and Sears!  Too funny

He was a trooper with us through an insane crowd and disorganized staff at Old Navy (we seriously almost got trampled...) and another long line at Target--of course he got himself something at both stores too, so all was well :)  He also found a cozy spot to wait at Target and was praised as a genius by every man that passed by!

I was so tempted to get this little Who Dat Mouse for my tot!  

We finished up our outing at the mall and grabbed a bite to eat at Chick-Fil-A.  We stood in line but their lights were out and they couldn't open just yet--something with their system wasn't working at the moment.  But we decided that we had been waiting in lines all night already, so why not give them a few more minutes before bailing.  And boy did it payoff!  Not only did they open less than 10 minutes later, but they came through the line and gave coupons for a free shake to everyone who had waited in line!  Which if you know me at all--this was going to be the end of my night anyway, and now it was free!  Score!

We got home around 2:30 that morning, but since Academy didn't open until 5 (Kudos to them!), we all met back in town that afternoon for that trip and some lunch.

So as much as I hate that other people had to give up family time to work that night, I also love the time I was able to spend with my family.  And we got some treasures in the process!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

love, angie

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