Sunday, September 8, 2013

happy Fall, y'all!

So down here in the south, we don't get a true fall.  Or Spring.  Or Winter.  It's pretty much chilly, warm, hot, and hotter...

But September 1 signals FALL in my brain!  And since it, all the way through winter/December, is my absolute favorite time of year, I don't care what the temperature is outside--it's fall, y'all!

Fall=football season.  Mmm Mmm Mmmm.  I love football season!  It might have something to do with my high school marching band career placing me at every Friday night game; it might have something to do with living in the south; and it just might be because I'm me.  But the rush of the crowd, the intensity and pace of the game, the support of the fans, the talent of the players, the thrill of a win--I just love it!  High school, college, NFL--I'll take it!

The fact that Sean Payton gives the pep talk at the beginning of this video just completely made me love it!  WHO DAT!!

My boy also jerked me on to the Fantasty Football bandwagon this year (along with his brothers and their ladies in the league).  I'm somewhat excited, simply because I love football anyway!  But I also got to name my team--and that's a big deal, right?  I mean, it's your name; it what people know you as.  Second to your drafted players, it's big! (not to mention I'm a major word maybe it's a little more important to me than most).  I wanted a pun, something witty and humorous, but nothing I could find or think of seemed to fit me.  Until I found this quote from The Great Gatsby:  "he would drift on forever seeking, a little wistfully, for the dramatic turbulence of some irrecoverable football game..."
Hence, my team "Dramatic Turbulence" was born :)

Fall=beautiful colors.  Have you ever really taken in the richness of the colors of fall?  My house is pretty much decorated in these hues year round because I'm drawn to them.  But bringing out my fall decor amplifies them and it makes my heart smile!  Not to mention the pumpkin patches, store fronts, and changing leaves (we get a couple of trees that change down here...but I can look at pictures too!)...

Fall=delicious smells.  It is amazing how busy a kitchen can become in the fall!  Between pumpkin and sweet potato pies; coffee and warm apple cider simmering; courses cooked with love and warmth.  My stomach, my nose, and my heart can't get enough!  Not to mention the candles...Oy, the candles!  Yum-O!

Fall=cooler weather (eventually...).  And therefore it equals boots and sweaters and scarves and sweatshirts and comfort.  All of this=snuggles!  And I love to snuggle (even if it's with myself...).  These are my comfort clothes, the ones I feel the best in...and I love getting to wear them!

So, I'm gonna turn my air conditioner down, put on some warmer clothes, and ball up on the couch with some candy corn while the scent of my candles wafts my way...because it's September, and that means it's fall, y'all!

love, angie

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