Monday, August 6, 2012

Best friends and clothes for AJ

I have the best best friend a girl could ask for.  I mean, really.  Sorry--I've already got her, you can't have her.  And on top of that, our boys are great together too.  And the four of us--what a combo...

Anywho, we both just had babies this past year (and might I say they are the coolest kids on the block).  I was thinking we would get to see even less of each other than we normally had because our busyness was going to be amplified.  The busy thing is true, but we've seen each other and spent so much more time together since having those babies than we have since college.  It has been fantastic.
OH it's my Hudson!  He's my friend!  Let me get in his carseat with him.  (and she did...)  This was at Popeye's right when they got into town.  I'm so glad they like each other :)
This little exersaucer arrangement has been the best!  Hudson is about 4 months younger than Arabella, so she is quite a bit bigger right now.  And he can't get away from her just yet.  So if he's on the floor, she basically attacks him and he has no means of defending himself.  This little gadget allows them to play together and visit, while protecting Hud-Stud at the same time :)
 Well, she came to our house this past week to play and visit before she headed back to school.  I had not intended this to happen, but we spent pretty much her whole time here making clothes for Bella! She's my sewing friend (and when I say this, I mean she sews pretty things for me while I talk to her and try to keep her from throwing her sewing machine across the room!).

(I'm going to be jumping on board the sewing adventure here pretty soon--I've been itching to enter that world in crafting, and I'm finally going to do it!)

Here are the things we were able to make for my little toot in just three days:  4 beautiful pillowcase dresses and 5 outfits (an assortment of t-shirts, onesies, and dresses) that we appliqued!  I love, love, love them all and can't wait for her to wear all of them!

Pillowcase dresses that I LOVE!  The trim on the purple damask and the multi-flowered just make me grin inside.  And that dern bird fabric and blue peacock pointy stuff was such a PAIN...but the result was worth the headache!
Showin' off my pretty new threads
LOVE these little outfits!  She's already worn the two that aren't holiday affiliated and they were just finished on Friday!  We also did one with a Christmas tree, but I'm going to add some more snazz to that one before I consider it finished.
There's just something about time with that girl that is good for my soul.  She gets me and I can be completely myself.  Love you RBS.

love, angie

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