Friday, July 22, 2011

Well that's "Pinterest"ing!

Ok, I have finally succumbed to the addicting world of Pinterest!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site, it's basically the ultimate idea hub.  It allows anyone to link an interesting or creative idea they find or create, which then allows other members to view and "pin" their posts.  You can "pin" these ideas you love to any "cork boards" that you create--basically allowing you to bookmark and organize the amazing ideas you find, all at the same time!  It is just fantastic...

But fair warning:  browsing this site can be quite addictive!

Today I created my first little inspiration from Pinterest.  Since our office is now transforming into Arabella's room, we had to get creative and repurpose a small, old entertainment center/storage unit in our kitchen.  It's now our desk--Newby household central.  And since I'm a very visual person and a classic list maker, it was driving me crazy that I no longer have desk space to leave out my notepads or my calendar. That's where Pinterest came in handy.  I found this great, easy, and cheap idea for making your own dry erase boards!  And they're so much prettier than those dull white ones...

All you need is a picture frame and a piece of scrapbook paper (obviously something not too busy, and a color light enough that you will be able to see the writing).  Cut the paper to the size of your frame, pop everything back in, hang it on the wall, and voila!  You're own little homemade dry erase boards :)

Simple silver frames for $5.99 at Michael's.  Craft paper, $0.59 a sheet.  Less than 15 dollars to create both of them!
I love the little bit of pizzazz they add to our new little "office" area!  Now to find something creative to use a shelf/storage unit over the computer :)

Now I just need a cute and easy way to store the markers...any suggestions?

Happy crafting!   love, angie

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