Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All-American Girl

A few weeks ago, Hunter texted me the video to Carrie Underwood's song, "All-American Girl."  He had been gone on his aforementioned "mancation" and it was such a sweet way of letting me know he was ready to be home with his girls.

The words to that song are so incredibly accurate for Hunter!  He has always wanted a little boy.  ALWAYS.  He would even tell people at the beginning of this pregnancy that he was incapable of creating a girl--Arabella showed him!

I just know he's going to be such a sweet daddy.  I absolutely love seeing his eyes sparkle when he sees little outfits with "I love daddy" or "Daddy's little girl" on them.  Probably my absolute favorite part of being pregnant is when he is able to feel her move around--it's such a precious little experience for us to have together.  Last night during our youth devotional, she was getting so excited that you could even see her jumping--another sweet moment for us to share.  He's going to be overly-protective and completely wrapped.

My sister Michelle has a friend that does monogramming.  Therefore all of the kids have wound up with several personalized outfits and bibs including "I love my Aunt Chelle" and "Take me to my Aunt Chelle's!".  Well Arabella got her first one this week for Hunter's birthday.  In honor of him wanting that little boy so badly, Aunt Chelle had this created for him :)

He loves it!  He calls her his little lady (love it!)--he doesn't like the princess or angel bit.  She's got to be modest and know how to stand up for herself and what she believes.  She probably will be one tough little cookie--mentally and physically.   She's going to know how to play golf and load/shoot a gun.  I'm sure she'll be taught how to spiral a football and understand all the ins and outs of the game (a little Saints fan no doubt!).  She'll go camping and fishing and there may even be a little hunting thrown in there too.  But the bottom line, she'll be daddy's little All-American girl...and I can't wait!

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