Wednesday, February 11, 2015

sick of being sick

My kids have been sick for months.  MONTHS.  Arabella came down with a cold two days after Kaplan was born and has had some form of ick ever since.  Kaplan joined those ranks around Thanksgiving and has held onto his congestion as well.

And I am SO over it.

This past week has just been terrible.  My girl has not been herself at all.  Fever on and off, randomly putting herself to bed or going to sleep extremely early, whining out the wazoo, refusing to eat...NO fun.  And my boy's cough came back with a vengeance when we got home from vacation.  So back to the doctor's office we went.  For what I believe was around the 16th or more visit since K was born...not even four months ago.  Ridiculous.  Ri-dic-u-lous. {the amount of prescriptions we've had is also just nutty.}

Today has laughed at me in the face.  And I have not laughed back.  Arabella has been a whiney, melting down mess.  And Kaplan, on top of his lovely cold, seems to have also contracted the stomach bug that my mom had earlier this week.  Throw up everywhere, diarrhea diapers, only Pedialyte through the night...

I'm just SO over it.  Still (in case you thought something had changed).

I used to check the blog daily and go read all of the posts that my fellow bloggers were so dedicated in posting.  But these past few months, that habit has dwindled...sadly.  Today, something struck me to go visit my "friends" worlds, and I'm so glad I did.

Ryan at Loved and Lovely posted this:

"(And, in case it wasn't completely and utterly obvious, I'm not happy about or proud of having worked so much and would never hold last month up as an example of how well I'm doing at life. I sucked at life last month on basically every level. But that's just the way things go sometimes. There are incredible months, and there are terrible months, and there are months that you won't even remember because they flew by in such an unceremonious way. You have to add them all up and take an average. Somewhere in the midst of the awesome and not-so awesome, you've probably got a pretty sweet, little life. Am I right?)"

And oh how those words resonated with me!  In the midst of this crappy, sickly, nasty, whiney'll all average out.  This too shall pass and good times will be had again.  And oh how I hope and pray they come sooner rather than later.  Because we do have a pretty sweet little life.

So until then, we're headed back to the doctor's office in the morning.  Again.  {this has to be some sort of record}.  I also order some Thieves and Purification Essential Oils that should be here in the next few days.  This germ fest has got to find somewhere else to set up shop.  The Newby family is just done.

hoping you're healthy...
love, angie

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