Friday, February 14, 2014

love, love, love, love

Oh Valentine's Day...  it may be cheesy and it may be over commercialized and it may be shallow to some.  But it really is kind of nice to me that so many people are thinking about the ones they love so much so that we celebrate it as a holiday.  That is beautiful if you choose to see the pleasantries it can bring.

Last year, I decided to up the cheese factor by giving Hunter 14 days of Valentine's gifts/puns/songs (that link will take you to day 14; you can find the ones to other days in the sidebar from there if you're interested).  It has crazy, ridiculous, helpless and cheesy romantic written all over it--which is why it was right up my alley :)

While we aren't doing any kind of elaborate scheme or gifting or "commercialized crazy", we get to spend it together.  And with how much traveling he's been doing and how quickly our calendar has been filling up, this quiet weekend at home with our toddle tot is all I could ever want.

I am allowed, however, to allow the little bit of cheesy in me to escape here ;)

We have always really like Sara Bareilles and her music; but after Hunter was able to see her live a few months ago, we kind of fell in love with her.  He came home from that concert with all kinds of stories and all kinds of new favorite songs.  But the one that meant the most to me was this one...

Love is a choice.  Crushes and admiration and lust aren't necessarily; but to commit to one person, to offer them your years, your intimacy, your secrets, your fears, your struggles, your tender moments, and your fiercest passion.  To commit your entire being to one person and to love them (even when you don't like them, even when it's hard, even when it involves confrontation and changes)...that is a choice.

Hunter--I choose you.  Each and every day, from now through our always.  It is an honor and a blessing to be the other half in this partnership that was so beautifully woven together by the Architect of Love itself.  I pray that our marriage reflects His love; that we are willing to stand up for each other and stand up to each other when the situation calls; that we spend our lives trying to make each other a better and truer resemblance of God's purpose; that we never stop choosing each other.

So happy Valentine's Day, babe.  And for those of you who have a romantic love--it's ok to spend this day celebrating that!  It by no means should be the only day of celebration, but I see nothing wrong with adding it in the mix!  And for those of you who are in a time of your life without a romantic interest or partner--that's ok to celebrate too.  Because each and every one of has have people we love deeply, and those relationships need to be celebrated too.  And ultimately, Valentine's Day serves as an ideal opportunity to celebrate, recognize, and share Love itself; a Love that offers us eternity in glory; a Love that simply can't get enough of us...

Celebrate love today and every day.  But today, you can eat some tasty treats in the process with no judgment!

xoxo, angie

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