Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I haven't done one of these in so long!  Sadly, this year has been one of our craziest as far as traveling and what blog even got to the point where all I was writing were "Thankful Thursday" posts (which isn't a bad thing...if I'm going to only write about one thing, I think thankfulness is a pretty swell option).  However, eventually those even waned away.  So here's to hoping I can get back on track with my gratitude!

Today I'm thankful:

--for my sweet and dear friend, Dajuanna, and our opportunities to teach together.  We, along with my husband, are starting a class with our youth group next week covering the Not a Fan study (it is going to be pretty incredible).  We're also planning a ladies' day that focuses on, what do you know, gratitude :)  We'll be using Lysa Terkeurt's book Unglued as inspiration, and it too is going to be great.  Studying and preparing with this sweet lady are something I treasure and truly enjoy.  I am so thankful that my God led our hearts together.  I'm also specifically thankful for our ladies' day on gratitude...I need that reroute of my thoughts pretty badly these days.

--for sweet little Maddox (my best friend's baby who was born a week ago and has been in the NICU with complications since).  He is a little warrior and making progress every day!  And through his life and his struggle and his story, so many, including myself, are learning and remembering to lean completely into the loving arms of our Jesus.  And I am SO thankful for the progress he is making!  He's a miracle.

--that I get to go see sweet little Maddox's parents and big brother next week and hug their necks!  It has been difficult to have to love them from a distance, and I'm so ready to see them!  Their friendship is a treasured gift.

Kickin' it old school in this picture. But it was a great day...and we've loved them for a long time.
--that we've had a few cooler days sneak their way in recently.  It's coming...oh, it's coming.

--for everyone who came and helped celebrate sweet Bella's 2nd birthday!  Her party was a lot of fun and we are so thankful for all our friends and family who love our sweet girl (I'll have a post about her party sometime next week!).

--that even though my sweet girl won't get to trick or treat this year (and thankfully she's not old enough to know what she's missing!), we are getting some incredible amounts of rain that our earth could definitely use.  And also, that since we knew it was going to rain, she was able to wear her little costume to Bible class last night with her friends.  And finally, since Hunter was out of town for Halloween anyway, he won't have to feel guilty about missing her trick or treating.  So really it's all working out.

I mean, seriously?!  Cutest clown EVER.
--that Christmas is starting to be in the air!  Christmas albums are releasing, decorations are flooding the stores, shopping has begun, and the cheer is starting to spread.  This is my absolute favorite time of year (really September through New Year's...but with a heavy focus on December!).  I love the weather, I love the soft lights of my tree and garland, I love keeping up with friends through Christmas cards, I love driving through a sparkly and lit-up town and neighborhood, I love the music, I love the smiles that can't help but be on most people's faces...and although there's no way to prove its accuracy or whatever other issues you have with celebrating Christmas--there's no reason not to be excited with how many people are thinking about our Savior and celebrating his life.  I love that.

--that we settled on a theme for our youth rally this year and plans are definitely in the works!  I'm also extremely thankful to have more time to plan it this year!

--for life.

be grateful, give thanks.
love, angie

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