Saturday, June 16, 2012

A little look at our day

Finally a Saturday a home.  One when both of us were in town; no one was coming to visit (not that we haven't LOVED the company we've been having!); Hunter didn't have to work (although there was the threat of such there for a while...).  The yard work was done.  He had no projects looming over head.  The day was ours.  And it was grand.
We used the day to do some deep cleaning of the living room floors.  SO overdue and the house feels so much better now. 

Hunter got his Father's Day presents a day early.  I was just itching to give them to him and thought he may use his gift card tonight.  I made him a Shutterfly book, got him the Jamey Johnson CD he didn't have, and gave him the money to go get his tattoo.  Well, Bella gave him all of that really ;)

I stamped her feet inside the book (thanks to the help of Shawnette/Nanny!), and wrote "following in your footsteps" along with a quote by Freud:  "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."

I started preparing our meals for tomorrow.  Hunter got to choose for his special Daddy day, and he wanted me to cook instead of us going out.  He wanted breakfast taquitos and red beans and rice.  We'll be eating well tomorrow :)

We took a little dip in the pool this afternoon.  It was one of our few times to be able to get in during the day instead of the evening.  It started as a little break while AJ was taking her nap.  But after about 10 minutes of us swimming, she was awake.  She just wanted to swim too!  So glad she likes it.

Of course, the US Open.  Bleh.  I do not like golf on TV.  But my boy does.  And apparently this one is kind of a big deal... 
Daddy's little companion and grilling buddy.

Filets on the grill, potatoes in the oven.  Great eating at the Newby household this weekend!

And of course, most of the day went to playing with this sweet little thing!
We have definitely enjoyed the day together, making our plans as we felt like making them.  And the good news is, it's not over yet!

Enjoy your weekends!

love, angie

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